Fanáticos Opening and Endcredits

About the project

Opening and end credits we created for a series of 11 super short documentaries produced by Clindoeil Films. Since each episode is about 3 minutes long, our credits had to be super short either: 5 seconds opening and 10 at the end.

Fanáticos is a series of intimate portraits of football aficionados from a variety of regions and social layers in Brazil : the «fanáticos ». With a strong sense of humor and empathy, these portraits depict those who shape the profound soul of the « futebol » myth on a daily basis. Between the lines, the viewer will also be given a look at an unfamiliar Brazil and shown a colorful portrait of Brazilian society and its incredibly sentimental attachment to football.

Fanáticos presents itself as a series of 3-minute capsules which will be broadcast during the world cup on RTBF & CANVAS (Belgian TV). They will also constitute a web documentary/blog which will be available through the daily paper De Morgen.


Design and animation: Hans Lettany
Director series: Damien Chemin
Music: Karim Baggili
Producers: Hanne Phlypo & Antoine Vermeesch
Production Company: Clindoeil Films